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Dear Brian,

Thank you for your help.  I have a 71 MGB (wire wheels) that has recently developed a noticeable squeak coming from the right front.  I have checked the bearings by jacking up the car and grabbing the top and bottom of the right front wheel, and there is no movement.  I recently installed fog lamps on the front grill (rear mount) but these are secure and have rubber washers.  Other details:
1. Squeak is faint but growing louder with time
2. Happens most when I turn left - both sharply left (turning onto a road) or slightly left as the road bends left
3. No squeak when turn right
4. Starting to squeak a little while driving straight, though fainter
5. Does not squeak when brakes applied
6. Frequency or volume of squeak does not change with speed
7. Squeak is not constant - ie, happens sometimes while driving, other times it is fine.  
8. I have had the car for about 10 months and this is the first I have heard it.

Thank you for any leads you might have!


Hi: First we need to determine if in the suspension or coming from your alternator or water pump, or other part connected to the engine via the fan belt. Also the fan belt itself could be loose or worn. You don't have power steering. Does it happen when you go over bumps or on flat and level road? Squeaks can be hard to locate. Best to investigate a bit more and report back with what you find  could even be brake related as brake pads....front disks...can cause this.
Your suspension is on rubber bushings which can also cause such things if worn or dry.
Let me know what you find and I can help you more.


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