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Dave wrote at 2013-10-04 13:55:28

The clutch is fluid operated and the usual symptom is that it will not dis-engage due to a loss of pressure in the master/slave cylinder release system.  The problem you are describing is different.  The complete loss of any connection between the engine/transmission and rear wheels is potenially much more serious.  The first thing I would try before pulling the engine/tranny is check and see if the driveshaft is spinning but the rear wheels are not.  Put the rear of the car up on jack stands and try to engage it in 1st gear and see if there is any movement of the driveshaft.  If it is spinning but the wheels are not then the problem is either in the connection from the driveshaft to the rear end (such as a damaged yoke or universal joint) or in the differential itself.  If the driveshaft is not spinning then the problem is in the clutch or transmission and will require removal of the assembly for further diagnosis.  Let's hope it's just a destroyed u-joint.

I hope this helps.


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