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Good morning. My name is Mike O. I already asked a question, but for got to ask about this one. I have a 1979 MGB with a 1.8 L.
Besides missing the connectors that attach to the anti-run-on valve, the wires going to the cooling system fan motor switch on the radiator, are missing the connectors. Do you have an suggestions on where I could order them from, or any other options?
Thanks, Mike O.

Hi Mike,

If you are trying to keep the original Lucas connectors you can check with Engel Imports, Moss Motors or Victorisa British to name a few. If they don't have what you are looking for just contact a local shop that specializes in British cars. They usually will have old parts cars available to get pieces of wiring harnesses that you can clip off of. If your town don't have a British car specialist look up the closest British Car club as many club members either keep parts cars or know of some.


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