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MG Car Repair/75 MG Midget starts then stalls


Patrick wrote at 2013-04-13 17:44:33
For others who want to read this, I forgot earlier to say that I rebuilt the carburetor twice, reactivated the charcoal in the charcoal filter and replaced all the hoses in the engine compartment.

Followed all of your directions in sequence and nothing worked until I got to the vacuum check.  I pulled the vacuum line that runs from the anti-runon valve to the intake manifold and inserted the vacuum gauge, which registered 16 inMg and the engine ran like a kitten.  I pulled the vacuum gauge while the engine was running and reconnected the vacuum line and the engine died immediately.  Further testing revealed that the solenoid in the anti-runon valve is failed open, which allows the charcoal canister to vent outside as it should. Figuring it was an electrical problem I checked the two wires to the anti-runon valve and they are okay.  Why it makes the engine die is beyond me, so I removed the vacuum line to the intake manifold and plugged the connectors at the intake manifold and the anti-runon valve.  Filled the tank with 4 gallons of gas, reconnected the fuel line to the gas tank and started that sucker up.  It idled at 1200 RPM for 20 minutes when I turned it off.  Now all I am waiting for the special tool to adjust the carburetor and I can get this thing registered for the road.

Why my car has a California anti-runon valve and no secondary charcoal canister is a mystery to me.  The car has never been out of Texas.

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