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hi Barrie, is there anyway to repair a headlight switch ? I was getting out of my car and hit it with my knee, it fell apart. Would you know how to reassemble it. It's a 1978 mgb roadster, rubber bumper made for English market. The switch is located at the side of the steering column.        Many thank's Martin.

Hi Martin.  This is not an easy question to answer because it is difficult to describe what you have to do to assemble it.  

It can be done, so long as none of the plastic lugs that hold it together have snapped off.  Also, it is essential that you have found all the bits.  There is a metal slider, a spring and a nylon button that sits inside one end of the spring.  The other end of the spring goes up inside the operating knob.   

It is a 3 position switch (off, sidelamps, headlamps) but you can assemble it upside down so if you put it back together and it doesn't function correctly, try taking it apart and rebuilding it the other way up.  

This is a standard switch used on many vehicles made by British Leyland in the 1970s and 1980s so you may find one on a Mini or an Ital in a scrapyard.

New switches are readily available from Moss Motors in the UK, price 11.95, part number AAU4562.  

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