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MG Car Repair/windscreen replacement on 1974(USA) MGB


What is the best way to remove the windscreen frame for replacement on 1974 USA MGB, I understand there are four bolts holding frame, can they be removed without removeing facia, I could use any advice on winscreen replacement on this car, have parts just not sure best way to go about it, Thanks

Hi Jim.  

Before you start, please disconnect the battery and remove the sun visors.

I confirm that you only need to move the fascia sufficiently to gain access to the 4 bolts that hold the windscreen pillars to the A posts.  

Undo the 2 bolts that hold the mirror stay wire to the body.

Undo the 2 nuts and 4 bolts that hold the windscreen side pillars to the A posts.

Remove the shims between the side pillars and the A posts.

You can now lift the windscreen assembly from the car.

By the way, when re-fitting the assembly, please make sure the hood fits correctly before tightening the 4 bolts.

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