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Light switch under dash
Light switch under das  

Rear rt tail connections
Rear rt tail connectio  
My rear light hook ups seems to be fine but I have no rear lights or side marker lights on the back side. My left headlight works and I think my right side is blown. I do have my high beams working on both front headlights. I don't know if there is an issue with under my dash that can be causing the problem. I did replace the 35A fuses under the hood. I dont know if the back of the switch as shown in the picture shows a burn out on the wite and Possibly causing the problem. Any suggestions on where to look if that's not it?

You are right to check the fuses first. After that check the various grounds ...which are likely close to the lights in question. Also and maybe easiest is to simply take the light cover off and work the bulb back and forth...many times the connection is bad. Wires rarely fail. It is usually a bad ground or bad connection at the bulb.  Also check that the fusebox has a good connection with the fuse. May have to clean the terminals.

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