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My name is John Nagy. I am thinking of buying a 1955 MG TF. I recently was invited to a car show. I am not a classic car collector or mechanic. My wife has always loved this car. It is very clean and seems to run well. The price is firm at 26,500.
I am in dire need of a hobby and thought this may be a fun project.

I am trying to determine if the deal is good, and what to check on before my purchase. Any tips would be appreciated.

Hi John.

Sounds good. There were two TFs the more valuable is the 1500 model with the 1500 engine.
There is a wealth of info and knowledgable folks on the MG TD-TF list serve. I suggest you pose you question to the list members.

Go to:

Hope this helps and good luck. The T series cars are fun to drive and when necessary, work on.


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