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1955 TF 1500 Gearbox does nothing in any gear feels like it is shifting, car will roll in any gear no noise from the trans, clutch pedal has pressure, was in first shifting to second and a pop noise and no gears, any ideas ?

Thank You

Hi Kol.  The design of the TF gearbox is such that the input shaft and the laygear are permanently connected to each other.  So long as the input shaft is spinning, then the laygear will also be spinning and you should be able to hear it.  

Put the gearshift lever in neutral, do NOT press the clutch pedal, and start the engine.  If you cannot hear any noise from the gearbox then the clutch has failed.  

The pop that you heard was probably the clutch plate letting go.  I would guess that you need a new clutch plate.  

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