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hi Barrie - I am getting squeaking noise in my 74 MG front end and specifically from the passenger wheel side, while going slowly and straight. Noise disappears at higher speed. The rims are not warm to touch after a long drive, braking is normal with no squealing, and I have greased all 3 points each wheel. Could it be a wheel bearing ready to go? What sort of front end investigation can can I attempt using only jacks?
thanks and regards - Paul

Hi Paul

The most likely cause is the brake pads just touching the disc instead of retracting properly.  Try retracting them with a large pair of pliers, remove them, clean and replace them.  Remember to pump the footbrake before you drive the car or else you will get a nasty feeling as the brake pedal drops to the floor.

If that fails, try swapping the pads with the pair from the other side of the car and see if the noise goes to the other side.

These might help:

Let me know what you find.

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