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Can I replace the gas tank in my '63 B with a different year tank?  The 63 tanks are 3 times the price of a 65 or 66.  My tank pick-up line was perforated so I used a new line and small filter from a snowmobile and fastened it to a small plate. I enlarged the hole where the line went in and fastened the plate over the hole.  I can't find anything to keep the plate from leaking gas after about 6 months of use.  I tried everything, including JB weld. I'm afraid to weld the plate on unless I can find someone to do it.  No one wants to weld a tank that had gas in it.  Any suggestions?

Hi Phil.  Sorry, but there is no easy option here.  You cannot safely weld a used gas tank.  It will be full of gas fumes and liable to explode.  The later tank from 65 is a totally different design and will not fit an earlier car.  I regret that you must buy a new tank.  
Repairs with JB Weld or Araldite will not hold for very long in contact with gas, but you could try using them in combination with Slosh Sealant or POR15.

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