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I bought a 1979 MGB, US market, 60k miles, new tires. When I come across a bit of rough pavement, the whole vehicle shudders, front end feels like all the nuts and bolts have come loose. The steering is fine. I was able to add oil to all the shocks but that hasn't helped.

Hi David.  I am worried that there may be something seriously wrong with your MGB.  It should not shudder over a piece of rough road.  If you have any doubts then please take it to a good auto shop and ask them to do a roadworthiness check on it.  

It could be nothing more than too much air in the tyres.  Recommended pressures are 21 psi front and 24 rear.  (Personally I prefer 24 front and 26 rear).  

The entire front suspension is only attached to the car by 4 big nuts that are visible if you lift the hood.  There are 2 each side attaching the front cross-member to the main chassis rails.  If these are loose, then the car is in a dangerous state.

The front shock absorbers are each attached to the cross-member by 4 long bolts.  These must be tight.  

There may be excessive wear in the king pins.  These do wear badly, especially if they are not greased regularly.  Many owners forget to have them greased every 6,000 miles.

This is not a complete list of possible problems, I have only mentioned the most likely ones.  If you want more suggestions, then get back to me.  

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