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The 2 part housing of the distributor has failed and is now loose.  In a prior post you said you had replaced your with a Petronius model.  Which Petronius distributor fits a 1955 mgtf 1500.

Hi Scott.

If the steel shaft of your TF1500 distributor has come loose in the alloy casing, then I regret to tell you that the unit is beyond repair.  I have heard that it is possible to glue it back together but you need a vacuum chamber to evacuate any oil from the groove before injecting Loctite Bearing Fit.  I do not know anybody who has achieved this successfully.

My reference to a Pertronix unit was for an electronic ignition module to replace the points.  I do not think that Pertronix make replacement distributors.  

If you cannot find another Lucas D2A4 distributor for your TF, then you may have to purchase a more modern distributor and fit your old drive gear to it.  

Moss Motors sell a Lucas 43D4 unit that is a good replacement.

There is a Lucas D2A4 body on eBay at this moment

Let me know how you get on.

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