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MG Car Repair/1976 mg-b won't start


Replaced spark plugs has fresh gas in the tank and won't start?

Hi Anthony.

I have no idea if you are experienced, so please excuse me if the following is too basic.

The ignition key has 3 positions, OFF, ON, and START.  

Insert the ignition key and turn it to ON, but do not try to start the engine.  The red ignition light should come on.

If you cannot hear the fuel pump ticking, then the problem is probably the electric fuel pump needs some attention.  

If you can hear the pump, it should tick a few times and then stop.

Now try to start the engine.  The engine will be cold, so use some choke.

Does the starter spin the engine?  Does the engine try to fire?

Let me know what happens and we can go from there.  

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