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My car refused to start this morning splutterd a bit then cut out, it starts first time with jump leads attached but wont hold any charge, could it be the fuse from the starting motor to the alternator if so where will i find the fuse? If not any suggestions i could try as money is tight at the moment any suggestions would be welcome, maybe its the fan belt not charging the alternator but i dont know where to find the fan belt either, oh and the battery light wont go out even when its running with jump leads?

Hi Debi.  If the battery light won't go out, then either the alternator is faulty or the fanbelt is loose so it is not turning the alternator.  That would also explain why the battery is flat.  

With luck, all you need to do is to get the fanbelt tightened.  Perhaps you need a new fanbelt.  They do wear out eventually.  At the worst, you need to get a replacement alternator fitted.  

If you do not know where the fanbelt is located, then I strongly recommend that you get someone with mechanical knowledge to look at it for you.

Do not continue to drive around with the battery light on, because if the fanbelt is slipping then the water pump will not be going round either.  This could cause serious overheating and damage the engine.

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