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How may I arrange for one of your TD units to be sent to my UK supplier for forwarding?  What other products do you make/sell?

MG TC Heat Shield
MG TC Heat Shield  

MG TF Heat Shield
MG TF Heat Shield  
Hi Bob.  

I have received many reports from T-type owners complaining about vapour lock when using modern fuels, so I designed a heat shield to protect the carburetter float chambers from the heat of the exhaust manifold. I get them laser-cut from 0.9mm polished stainless steel.

My original heat shield was designed specifically for the XPAG and XPEG engines with the larger H4 carburetters, as fitted to the TF and TF1500 Midgets made in 1953-55.  It will also fit an MG TC fitted with larger H4 carburetters, but you will have to use TF spacers between the heat shield and the inlet manifold.

I have fitted one to my TF1500 and it works well.  It also looks great, really enhancing the appearance of the engine compartment.

I can also supply my heat shield with smaller holes specifically for the MG TC, but it does require two 12mm-thick alloy spacers.
I have a problem with the TD because of the design of the air intake assembly.  

a) If you are still using the original TD air intake manifold and the original air filter then my heat shield cannot be fitted.

b) If you have fitted a 5-speed gearbox conversion, then my kit will not fit inside your engine compartment because the engine has been moved forward.

c) If you have fitted pancake air filters such as Hemmings, then my TC kit should fit nicely.

I can send a kit by Airmail to the USA, or I can send it to a UK supplier for forwarding.

The TF heat shield costs 15 and the TC kit costs 25 including 2 spacers.  Airmail prices are at cost.  I make no profit on them.  

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