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What is this?
What is this?  
Hi there,

Wondering if you have any information on this piece that I found in my grandmas house recently. I believe it's from an MG and would like to know what it is, what it's worth and any info! Thanks very much

Hi Will,

The crank does look like an MG of some kind. However the two size step on the front of the shaft is not used on the MG Midget, MGA nor early MGB all of which are 3 main bearing MG engines. All MG engines were Austin engines.

It is good to see that someone covered the main and rod journals to protect them. This is important to the value of the crankshaft. The crankshaft does have value but to find out what value we need to ID it.

I do have a lot of British car specs on cranks but the only way I can match it up to a specific car I need to know the main shaft journal diameters and rod journal diameters. That way I can search my crank specs to try to find a match.

If you can measure them with a micrometer or have them measured and send me the specs I may be able to ID it for you.

Let me know,


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