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hi Barry\ recently you advised about gas in oil. I stopped parking my MGB on a grade, but I still suspect gas in entering into sump, due to severe gas smell. Oil level seems to be static and meanwhile car is running well. Can unspent fuel in the chamber be getting past the rings? ie if mixture is too rich...  
I am concerned as this is a big problem and should be rectified. is there a way to test the carbs \ floats  and verify my suspicion?
thx \Paul

Hi Paul.  If you are parking level (i.e. not on a grade) then there is no possibility of gas syphoning.  If you can smell gas then you have a gas leakage somewhere.  

When stationary, the float chambers should remain full of fuel when you switch the engine off and park. It is possible that they may leak, but they will leak outside the engine, not inside.  Next time you have parked overnight, switch the ignition on and before you hit the starter, just listen to the fuel pump.  If there is a lot of ticking, then the pump is re-filling the leaking float chambers.  If it just ticks a couple of times, the float chambers were still full and therefore not leaking.

There is another possibility.  The MGB gas tank is prone to rusting on the top of the tank.  It ends up perforating all over the top and you can smell the gas.  Maybe you just need a new gas tank.  

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