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I have a 1954 TF (US) which leaks oil from the gearbox speedo connection. The oil comes out from between the brass ferule and the outer casingof the cabel. I have seen a fix on They modify the speedo assembly by fitting sn O ring. The suggestion is that the speedo connection can be withdrawn by loosening the two screws and the modified unit re-inserted. I am not so sure it is that easy as Section F7 of my WM indictaes later gearboxes have the speedo gear keyed to the mainshaft. Can you tell me if the speedo gear can be withdrawn easily with the 'box on the car? Is there an easy fix for this oil leak that you know of.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Alan.  I can confirm that the speedo drive is only held in by two small set screws.  If you undo and remove them, then the speedo drive gear just pulls out complete with its brass housing.  I always refit it with a thin O ring but a paper gasket is OK.  So long as you have access underneath, it is very straightforward to do the job and there should not be any need to drain the gearbox of oil.  

For my records, please would you visit and tell me the chassis number of your TF.

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