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How is the shock absorber connected to the link and does the link have a bushing at the top?

Armstrong Rear shock absorber
Armstrong Rear shock a  
Hi Jim

The early TD had Girling shock absorbers and the links had replaceable rubber bushes.

Later TDs and all TFs had Armstrong shock absorbers.  The rubbers in these links are not designed to be replaced.  I attach a diagram of an MGB rear shock absorber which is basically the same unit.    

To detach the drop arm from the shock absorber you need a ball loint extractor, because the pin is held on with a taper, so it is very tight and difficult to remove.

If you look at the top of the drop link you can just make out a washer which has been peened over the end of the pin. To remove the tapered pin from the link you would have to take off the washer.  The bush is just a tube of rubber with the pin pressed into it.  However, the problem is to fit the washer and peen the end of the pin over again.  It is not designed to be re-used.

Replacement drop arms are available from Moss Motors at $38 each.  
See part #2 in this link:  

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