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Dear Mr. Fitzcharlesd,

A few years ago, I had my car registered and even got a bronze plaque which is now shining on my MGB’ dashboard. She is registered under number 16139.
I imported the car from Holland in September 2007. The former owner didn’t know exactly when the car was imported in Holland, but some Dutch documents he gave me, date from 17.11.1986, so the car must be imported on or before this date.

Since I bought the MGB in 2007, I tried several times to obtain some information about the history of the car, but so far without any positive result. I know there is a special form V888 to do so and send this to the DVLA, but even this didn’t get me any further.
DVLA says it is impossible to send information outside the UK, it should be only possible when providing them with a UK address.

What is your experience in this? Perhaps you know another to obtain this information, which is important for me. I do not know what information can be released but I would be interested to know f.e. her former registration nr, previous owner(s),…..

To register the car and get a Belgian registration nr and plaque, I got the heritiage certificate from BMIHT which I can send if needed.

If you also need a copy of some other documents, I’ll send them without any delay.

I hope after all these years, there will be a possibility after all to get some information of her history.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation is this matter.

Yours sincerely and kind regards.

Pierre De Rijck
Eyckensbeekstraat 10
B-9150  Kruibeke (Belgium)
+32 3 7741809
+ 477 298102 (mobile)

Hi Pierre,

I am in the US and I understand that it would be nice to have the history of your car. But if you already have what ever British MG heritiage has on your car, the only way I can see that you could get info on privious owners etc. would be to try what ever license tag it had on it when you purchased it and see if they have kept records on who licensed it.

I worked for several MG dealerships in the US through the life span of the MGB. I know that aproximately 80% of all MGB's manufactured were made for the US market. I know most of the year models by small details that changed from time to time. For example, It was difficult even for a MG mechanic to identify the difference between a 1966 MGB and a 1967 MGB. Other then some colors availabe on those two models. The only difference was that the 66 had a toggle head light switch and the 67 had a pull head light switch. Even MG experts scratch their heads when they look at my 1967 MGB-GT show car.

A large problem identifying the year model here in the US back in the early to mid 60's was that many US states titled a car when it was sold. Only later did they start using the production date stamped on the ID plate to set the year of the car. Even that was not consistant.

Here in the US, Moss Motors has done some research on the numbers of bodies, engines and transmissions so we were able to ID most of our cars. I don't know if the Euro versions of the MGB had different ID numbers or not. I did work on several Euro versions in the early 60's and seen no differences unless it was for the UK with right hand steering. But I did see a lot of differences between a Euro MG and a US MG from 1968 on, due to our emission laws.

Here in the US it is very difficult to ID exactly an MGB because most of the components and parts from any MGB fit each car.

According to Moss Motors the first MGB was made in 5/1962 But probably not sold until 1963. and the last MGB was made in 6/1979 and sold here as an 1980 model.

Sorry that I can not be of much help.


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