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mgb 1971
mgb 1971  
QUESTION: Hi Barrie,

I intend to replace the hoses from the oilcooler to oilfilter and block. Reading your "Notes" I didn't find anything about this. At the moment rubber hoses are fitted. I am not sure whether to replace them with stainless steel hoses or again with new rubber ones. Assuming that the oilcooler is still the original, is it appropriate to replace this as well, or should I clean it and reuse it instead. Thanks in advance for your opinion.

Kind regards.

ANSWER: Hi Pierre

If you can undo the hoses where they attach to the oil cooler without any damage, then you can certainly clean and re-use the oil cooler.  Sometimes they cannot be separated, in which case it is best to fit a new oil cooler with new hoses.  

The stainless braided hoses look nice, but old hoses can crack and perish, and if the rubber is hidden behind stainless braiding the hose can fail without warning.   I personally prefer the rubber originals.  

By the way, the original hoses were internally re-inforced with steel braiding, making them very strong and difficult to cut.

The air filters in your photograph are thin and inefficient.  They will reduce the power of the engine.  I advise you to re-fit the original metal filter casings with K&N filter elements inside.

Regards, Barrie

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oil filter
oil filter  
QUESTION: Hi Barrie,

Thanks for the info. Concerning the air filters, the photo I showed was taken a few years ago. Two years I replaced the S/S filters and put the original housing in, which I could buy second hand for a reasonable price. See attached photo. I assume that the  filters themselves last a few years, Perhaps bearing in mind to clean them yearly.
I also noticed that the diameter of the old spin-on oil filter (MAN W712/713) is 7.2 cm instead of 9.25cm as mentioned in the Moss catalog (3 3/4 ").

Hi Pierre

It is good to see the original filters - they are much more efficient.  Replace the paper elements every 2 years, or else fit K&N replacement elements.

The diameter of the oil filter is not critical, but the replacement filter must contain a one-way valve.  If you fit the wrong filter without a valve, the filter will drain every time the engine is stopped, and the next time you start the engine it will take some time before the oil pressure builds up again.  This will result in rapid wear of the engine bearings.

When you start the engine after the car has been parked overnight (or longer), watch the oil pressure gauge.  If it takes several seconds before the gauge registers, then you have the wrong filter.


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