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how does the oil pan come off? ive got all the bolts and linkage out but doesnt budge

Hi Jeff,

Sorry for the delay. It has been a long time since I worked on a TD but as I remember you need to remove the clutch linkage first and then the pan bolts. If you have already done this and you are sure that you got all the pan bolts out and the pan is still solid. Then someone probably put sealer on both sides of the gasket and you then need to start at a corner and drive a knife (not a wedge) into the gassket area to breake the gasket loose. Be sure to start at a corner and the thinner the knife the better. If it still don't break loose remove the knife and move along the gasket about one inch and drive it in again and go about an inch away from the corner in both directions. Then you can drive a thin Wood wedge in at the corner. Never try to start on the side of the pan. Use a thin wood wedge so you con't damage the pan's gasket surface.

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