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QUESTION: Hi Barrie,
Two weeks ago I had the rear brake drums powdercoated. When refitting the drums again, I can't get rid of some friction with the shoes. I have tried to center the shoes as good as possible (took me two hours), it improved a bit comparing with the first refitting, but still I hear some friction when driving.
It is not all over the shoe but just at a certain point when the wheel is in the same position during its turn. Is this a problem or will the problem fix itself in time? Last month the brakes were checked, I thought probably this is the reason for the friction. I'd appreciate your advice very much. Sorry if the explanation should not be in the right words.

Much obliged.


ANSWER: Hi Pierre

You do not say the make and model of your car, but you do say that it has drum brakes.
If the drum rubs at one point only, then the drum is not circular

No, this problem will not fix itself in time.

Has any powder coating material got onto the friction surface?  If so, you can remove it with emery cloth.  Otherwise, you must get the drum machined on a lathe so that it is circular.

Regards, Barrie

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QUESTION: Hi Barrie,

Thanks for your quick answer.

Sorry for not telling the make of the car. It is an MGB 1971. The drums were not powdercoated on the friction surface. In the past I didn't have any problems with it, the friction is not very bad but slightly at one I am still wondering if this won't fix itself. As I already me,ntioned, perhaps the technician set the brakes a little to tight..... in this case  how do I put them a little more loosened.

Thanks again.


Hi Pierre

If the problem is in one small spot on one drum, it would be ok to slacken the adjuster.  Look at the backplate behind the drum.  Near the top you will find a square-headed adjuster.  There is a special spanner with a square hole, but you can usually turn it with an ordinary open ended spanner about 6mm across the flats.  To slacken the brake, turn the adjuster anti-clockwise by exactly one quarter of a turn, feeling for the next adjustment point.  


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