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My brake light switch is duff-needs moving. It is mounted at a union of brake pipes on the inner wing. This swivels when an attempt is made to undo the switch. Any more pressure would result in buckled/broken pipes. There are no flats on the union to fit a spanner to counteract this. I have attempted using a pipe wrench with no success.
Any and all help would be much appreciated.
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Brake switch removal
Brake switch removal  
Hi Roger

The union is T shaped.  I use a large adjustable spanner which I lay snugly over the bottom arm of the T.  Then I use a large ring spanner fitted over the brake light switch.  By squeezing the two tools together it usually breaks the joint, after which the switch should undo easily with your fingers.

I have mocked up a photograph on my workbench.  See attached.

Before you start, put a polythene bag over the master cylinder, screw the filler cap over the bag and have an absorbent rag handy as well.  That should stop most of the fluid getting drained all over your inner wing.  

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