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MG Car Repair/Clutch Problem ?


When I come to a lite or stop sign I apply the brakes and shift down to 1st. Pedal goes to floor and car continues to creep forward until I apply Emergency Brake. Car stalls. Starts fine then I have trouble getting it in gear. Pump the pedal a few times and goes in gear. On open road runs and shifts fine.
74 mgb

Hi Wes,

That is a sign of a hydraulic problem in the clutch release system.

First check the clutch master cylinder reservoir for the fluid level. Then run your hand down the back side of the clutch pedal arm. If it is wet then you for sure need to either rebuild or replace BOTH the master cylinder and slave cylinders. Also remove the rubber boot off of the slave cylinder looking for wet fluid. Any signs of wet means a leaking cylinder and it must be either rebuilt or replaced.

If you decide to rebuild the cylinders contact me again as it is not just a matter of replacing seals.

Any fluid added to the reservoir MUST be DOT 4 fluid.


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