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MG Car Repair/Replacing Turn Signal Stalk on 74 MGB-GT


I am in the process of replacing my turn signal assembly and I am having trouble installing it.  Can you give me some pointers on how to easily replace it?

Hi Max,

First disconnect one battery cable so you don't short something out when changing the turn signal switch. (either the (+) or the (-))

Then remove the screws holding the plastic covers over the switch.

After removing the covers note the two Phillips head screws holding the switch to the column.

Remove the two long screws holding the switch to the metal bracket. Most had one or more straps securing the harness to the column so you will need to remove them too. If they are the metal tie raps you can just bend the tab straight and remove then but if someone has put the plastic tie raps on it you will need to cut them.

Then remove the multi wire plug (sometimes not an easy task) I usually start it by prying it open a littel with a small screwdriver and the wiggle it back and forth while you pull hard on both ends of the plug. (Do NOT pull on the wires themselves)

Then just plug the new switch in the socket and before you mount the switch reconnect the battery cable end and try the turn signals to be sure that was your only problem.


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