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MG Car Repair/Tachometer sticking?


I noticed on my 74 B that the tach stopped working past 3000. It works up to that but as go past 60 mph the tach freezes at 3000 ( Overdrive engaged ) - accelerating to 65 and faster-  it remains at 3000. Is there a fix for this?

thanks Pauk

Hi Paul

I notice that you say '(Overdrive engaged)'.

If the tachometer will not read above 3,000 then this should happen in every gear (with and without the overdrive engaged).  This can be tested whilst stationary in neutral, and usually indicates a faulty tacho gauge.  

If the problem only occurs with the overdrive engaged, then you have a different problem.

Unfortunately, there are very few parts inside a tacho that can be repaired.  I have seen cases where the spindle of the needle is bent, so the needle sticks to the face of the gauge.  Sometimes careful bending of the shaft and/or the needle can fix this.

Please let me know what you find.

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