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I recently received an 1967 mg. I am not familiar with how to start it. I would like to know how to start the vehicle. Do I have the clutch in? Please let me know any information to help. Thank u.

Hi Michael,

Cool that you got a 67 MG (last of the faster ones) You didn't tell me what kind of MG. But that don't matter for what you asked. All MG's in 67 started the same.

Shift lever in neutral, pull the choke all the way out and foot off of the throttle. Don't bother to pump the gas peddle as there is no accelerator pumps in the carburetors so it does nothing to pump the gas peddle. Turn the ignition key to "Start".

If it is set up correctly it will start and the RPM will go to 1500 to 2000 RPM and then you should ease the choke in to establish 1200 to 1500 RPM. As the engine warms a little the RPM will raise and you should lower it with the choke back down to 1200 to 1500 RPM. Then as it warms up a little you can ease the choke in all the way in and give the throttle a few rev ups to clear the engine. As the engine warms up you should be able to have an idle speed of from 750 RPM to 900 RPM. Don't drive the car with the choke on.

Do NOT start the engine with it in gear and the clutch pedal down. Even in neutral do NOT hold the clutch pedal down when starting.

Being new to MG's you should read my Tech Tips on my web site.

Let me know how you make out and what kind of MG you have.


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