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I have finished making 1 transmission out of 2 due to excessive noise. the 1st 2nd sliding hub on both transmissions have about 3/16" play between the circlip and the rear of the hub. there looks to be no spacers or shims listed in the parts manual or the service manual. should I be concerned about this and if so how would i correct it? it is a 1959 MG TD US

Hi Timothy

I presume you have an MG TD made between 1949 and 1953.

The 1st/2nd gear sliding hub often has a lot of movement.  Whilst it would be desirable to reduce it, there is no spacer made for the job.  

I had a TD box with 4mm of float which I experimented with.  I made up a 3mm spacer which I fitted between the hub and the circlip.  It made the gearbox more noisy and so I tried a 2mm spacer, which was much better.  

My current advice is that a clearance of 1/8 of an inch (3mm) is acceptable, but any more than that needs a spacer to bring the clearance down to about 2mm.


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