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Barrie was have been reading past questions, I found a problem that I have. I will paste below.
"The running-on is not a good sign.  It could be that your ignition timing needs adjustment or the tickover has been set too fast."

I have tried setting my timing endlessly without success to stop thr run-on, no luck. You mention tickover, what is tickover, maybe this is my problem?

Hi Andre

The speed at which an engine is set to idle is usually referred to as the idle speed, but in the UK we sometimes call it "tickover".  To set the tickover you need a warm engine and no choke.  

According to the factory workshop manual, the idle speed on an early MGB should be 500 rpm, but on later cars such as your 73 MGB they increased it to "750 to 800 RPM".  

If your engine has a habit of running on when you switch the ignition off, try reducing the idle speed and always allow the engine to idle for a few moments before switching it off.

If this does not cure the problem, get back to me.  
There are a few other things that you could try.  

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