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I am still having a problem to start up the engine after a major overhaul. The compression ratio has beenincreased slightly and my problem is that the engine won't spin to fire up. The battery in use is NS60 (60aH). Would a battery of higher capacity, say 70aH help? Alternatively, what would you suggest. Cable check, starter motor condition all confirmed good. Please assist.

Hello Yahaha

I presume we are discussing your modified Mini.

No, you do not need a more powerful battery.

I suggest you do some tests:

1) Remove all 4 spark plugs and try to spin the engine on the starter motor.  If the engine still refuses to spin, then you either have a very tight engine or you have a problem with the starter solenoid or the starter motor is faulty.

2) Jack one of the front wheels off the ground and put the gear lever into top gear.  Make sure the ignition is switched OFF.  You should now be able to turn the wheel which is off the ground and this should also turn the engine.  If you cannot turn the wheel then the engine is seized for some reason.  Perhaps a jammed starter motor?

3) Remove the starter motor and try test (2) again.

Finally, check the earth cables.  You must have a good earth connection all the way from the engine to the battery.  The front subframe is not a good earth unless you have also fitted an earth cable across one of the subframe mounting rubbers.


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