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I have been using a lot of different music software, as well as some algorithmic music software.  I was wondering what it takes to process algorithmic midis to make them commercially usable.  I noticed there are a lot of people putting out albums nowadays with computer-generated music.  How do they put it all together?

Hi Dave,

Due to the countless ways of creating that type of music, there is no way to list those possibilities. It depends on the composer's intentions, tools, software, background, and so on. Different people use different approaches based on their different end goals.

Refer to this Wiki page for some additional information:


Regarding MIDI, the sound must be synthesized. MIDI is not commonly used with algorithmic music production. The algorithmic music is sent straight to the synthesizer. MIDI allows for the transfer of musical data from one physical device to another. Contemporary algorithmic music may not use MIDI at all but, rather, run on a single device, such as a laptop.

MIDI and Computer Generated Music

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