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Hi i wanted to know if i can use my music theory using a DAW instead of using notation in Sibelius and other notations software.

Can i do all that a notation software does using a DAW? If this is in fact the case then i skip learning the notation software and learn how do the same with pitches and time in the DAW.

I've often seen piano rolls and bars in various DAW's, however is this as user friendly to use as classical music notation.

My assumption is if i wanted to play a live instrument part the DAW stuff above wont help like notes will?


Notation software is designed for professional composers and arrangers who are writing for orchestras and need that very high quality of notation... their ability to reproduce this music varies, but Sibelius offers fairly good playback quality as well.

DAW's are designed more for creating professional sounding scores without using the orchestra... so their notation systems are secondary to the sounds that they can create. They're still good and you can certainly exploit all your music theory and write it all down as notes and have it look very good... not as good as actual notation software, but pretty good.

So, the idea of a DAW is to compose music, with one option for note input being standard music notation, and yes it is very "user friendly" and simple to use... The idea of notation software is to write music notation on paper, and then give you a simple way to play it back to get an idea of what it would sound like when played live.

That's the way I look at it anyway. Hope this helps.

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