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How do I record my external vocals whilist my internal mp3 instrumental is playng in the mixer so as to mak a track.I hav managed to route the instrumental into the mixer and even the Edison into the effects slot.but I don't know what to do next.the help page doesn't seem to be offerng any help on the next stages.

I have not used Fruity Loops / FL Studio, although several DAWs share characteristics with one another. Your message was a bit vague. If you'd like for me to attempt to help, please provide more details about all equipment used and your complete setup. In the meantime, look up the manual PDF for the application, it should be available online. It is more than a help page. It is an in-depth book covering a wide range of topics, essentially everything about the application. Read the entire manual and you will find most or all of your answers.

Best of luck!

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