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Hi. I'm just entering the producing world. I would like to know if I can use regular keyboards/midi controllers to change notes on non-piano tracks on daw software. Also, what is the difference b/t synthesizers and keyboards?

"Regular keyboards" can refer to any type of keyboard. MIDI controllers, yes, you can change notes on any tracks via MIDI-capable DAW software. A synthesizer may or may not be a keyboard. It may imitate another instrument, which does not have to be a keyboard. It may also appear completely different, for example, as a series of knobs, switches, and patch bays. A keyboard could be any of a number of instruments that have the traditional black and white keys (or other colors for keys). Piano, harpsichord, organ, celeste (also spelled as celesta). Keyboard percussion includes instruments like marimba, xylophone, vibraphone (also called vibes), glockenspiel (a.k.a. bells). There are several varieties of electronic keyboards.

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