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I have two questions, I hope you can answer one or both of them.
1. Can I import music from iTunes into Garage Band? (so that I can edit it)
2. I know how to create an MP3 in Garage Band and then load the MP3 onto a CD, but it won't
play in a CD player. Is there a way to convert the MP3 into a format that is audible on a CD player?

You cannot import a protected iTunes song into a GarageBand project. However, if a song does not have DRM, then select the song in iTunes, choose "Show in Finder" from File menu, then drag the file into GarageBand timeline. It still might fail to import.

You can convert MP3 files to CDA (CD format) with software. An online search for MP3-to-CDA converters will produce many results.  

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