I need a suggestion whether to use SQL server. My requirement is to generate a survey report based on the student responses for the questions. I have my input as excel file containing different questions as columns and options(either 1 or 2 or 3 or 4) as values. I need to provide a report counting the answers. Something like this: for question 1: no.of students who answers with option 1 is 50, option 2: 100, option 3: 80, option 4: 50. I need prepare such tables for almost 100 questions. In this case is it advisable to use SQL server or is it fine with directly using excel? I am using c# and would like to know about performance issues.

Hi Priyanka

How are you collecting this data and where. If you have the data in Excel including answers then you can either use Excel to derive the final report or you can export this data to Microsoft SQL Server for further analysis.

It depends on your comfort level with Excel and SQL Server. I have seen people who are like God of Excel and don't know anything on SQL Server T-SQL world.

So, I don't see a problem from storage perspective its more to do with deriving the results based on your comfort with Excel or SQL Server.

Also, managing Excel using C# could be an issue but C# (ADO.Net) will work best with SQL Server for sure.

If you don't have the data in Excel and need to start from scratch then go with SQL Server.


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