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MS SQL/More number of concurrent database access requests


I have hosted a website for my college discussion forum last year and it was on GoDaddy. Sometimes I find that there will be at least 10 people concurrently accessing the same database. For example, 10 people are trying to login at the same time. There will be a username and password check in the database to authenticate them. In that case the site becomes too slow and it takes a lot of time for a person to login (due to too many concurrent database accesses). If I migrate my databases to a cloud service like amazon web service, will it solve this issue? Or can you suggest me a way in which I can withstand at least 20 concurrent accesses to the same database?

Hi Kalyan,

The problem seems to be elsewhere in how the data is fetched or stored. 10 concurrent users is extremely tiny for any DB technology.  Systems are mature to scale to several hundreds/thousands concurrent based on the design and implementation.

Moving it to a larger hosted solution like AWS to check on the performance would help you rule out infrastructure. If it doesn't work as I presume, you would need to look at your implementation and design of both the database as well as the system built to access it.



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