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MS SQL Server/unable to attach database


hello david,
Actually I am new to Sql server while attaching the database to sql server 2008 I am receiving error 5120...
I've tried all way to attach it like signing in as administrator,
and also tried to attach only .mdf file  but in vain.
can you please suggest what else can be done here.I have to attach this database to complete my project.   

thankyou in advance


Give me more details, such as are you running SSMS on a workstation or on the server directly? What security context is SSMS running under (you say "administrator", but is that a built-in local admin, or an Active Directory account which has been granted local admin rights)? Is the MDF file on a network share?

Does the security account you're running SSMS under have explicit rights to the folder where the MDF file is? (Note: Having rights via group membership is not enough, I believe. I think the actual user account has to have the rights).

Tell me every detail you can think of even if I didn't ask. Better to have too much info than not enough.

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