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Dear Sir
I'm trying to open a website. I don't have a computer knowledge. If possible a simple answer .
I had never a problem using it quiet 2 years. Since 3 days I cannot open it. I always receive the following answer:
Thanks for you answer

mysql error: [1030: Got error 28 from storage engine] in EXECUTE("SELECT, file.path, listing_type.name_singular as type, listing.location_id,listing_status_id,listing_payment_state_id, city, city_id,rent_price_from,sell_price_from,listing_type_id,multi, as category FROM listing JOIN listing_category ON (listing_category.listing_id = JOIN category ON JOIN listing_type ON = listing.listing_type_id JOIN file ON listing.file_group_id = file.file_group_id AND file.main = true ORDER BY last_visit_ts DESC LIMIT 25")

I'm a SQL Server expert, not MySQL. However, from what I can tell via an Internet search, that error means the database server is out of disk space.

Is this your website? The problem will have to be addressed by the website owner or developer or programmer... someone who can get to the database server and determine where the problem is.

If it's not your website, I recommend looking for a "Contact Us" link on the site and letting them know of the error.

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