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MS SQL Server/Accessing database without getting noticed.


I found this app on the Google play store called Fantasy football manager. It's basically an application version of the official site But it isn't an official app released by those who run the website. The changes one makes  using the app reflects on the official website. This obviously means those who run the app have access to the official database and are somehow able to make changes in it. And they are even making lots of money off the app. How can something like this go unnoticed? Is it possible to get such access to the official databases without getting noticed?

HI Rajiv,

These activities are not unnoticed.
In fact, big websites expose their database in controlled manner.
This is mostly done through API.

If u search for API Premier league fantasy, you will get the details

This seems one URL they have setup to test access.

This type of access Is allowed to encourage third parties to utilise features of the website and provide more to their clients base.

Hope this helps. Feel free to follow up.


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