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Hi Anup,
I am using sql server 2012. I have table which have 2,00,000 rows. When I am working on my local pc it takes 1-2 second to execute on sql server and working fine on my localhost. But when I upload project on online server it takes 1:34 mins to execute o sql server and also when I search from form and load only 100 rows to form, it takes too much time to fetch records.

I searched for indexing and full index searching but not getting how to use it. Have you any solution that take less time and execute fast on forms.




The "online" server is it in shared hosting? or a virtual machine that you can remote into. My guess is it is the Disk IO speed that is causing the slow-down. Way to confirm is run an execution plan on both the online and local. Compare the two. This will give you some direction. Once you identify which part is slowing it down you can try partitioning the table or optimizing your query by adding an index based on your Query and its criteria.

Basic info on how to get a Query Plan can be found here >>

If you need more help, then will need more info from you. Like your SQL-Table Schema Structure (Columns, etc). List your SQL-Queries you are running against it.

Hope this helps!

Good luck.


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