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Thank you for being so benevolent as to provide your insight to inquiring minds of the internet. There is no purer human sole than the charitable one.

To begin I would like to introduce some background information. I am a 20 year old male university student. Some years ago I was diagnosed with OCD, Hypochondriasis, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

This beast of symptoms began about two months ago, when I was sitting at my computer desk at home after a day at work sitting perched awkwardly on my chair. I was sitting with my legs crossed in a funny position and I noticed my leg fell asleep. However, when I stood, it took a while to “wake” the leg up, about 45 seconds. The tingling went away, but the strange perceived feeling of “almost-weakness” remained. Immediately I thought I was having a stroke so I went to emerge where they conducted a neurological exam as well as examined my vitals and told me there was nothing imminently wrong with me. However, after returning home, I mindlessly began Googling symptoms and had multiple, intense, back-to-back panic attacks over the thought of living with MS (no offense) or, heaven forbid, ALS. The next day my symptoms seemed to explode. I the weakness moved into my left leg, and seemed to move into my hands and stiffen my finger movements. I also experienced very minor balance issues (I have never fallen, but often times I will feel shifty when walking like I don’t trust where my legs are taking me). I was terrified and returned to my family doctor in my hometown, who conducted a neurological exam, found nothing wrong, held fast that it was caused by anxiety, but decided to order an MRI of my brain and upper cervical spine “just in case”. 2 weeks later, I went through with the MRI and it came back absolutely clear. I was happy for two hours until I started doubting the technology and demanding second opinions. Thereafter began a litany of appointments with 5 other doctors on campus, all of whom decided that I should focus more on my anxiety and simply forget the MS issue. I don’t know how they could be so dismissive and conclusive. Do you have any ideas?

Either way, I’m seeing a neurologist in Februrary, but I would still like to hear from someone who is at least more particularly interested in MS. Does this strange perceived weakness (or so I think it’s only perceived) usually present with cases of damaged nerves? In your opinion, how likely is it that these matters are unrelated to MS? I should mention that my symptoms are generally improving, as I have begun my SSRI (anti-anxiety) treatment. The only time I suffered a “flareup” was when I was returning to school after the Christmas Break and starting work again. My leg got a little weaker again, but this time the symptoms were less intense.

The only symptoms that persist now are some minor stiffness in my left pinky and ring finger, the very mild dull weak feeling in my right leg (it had briefly switched to my left leg then switched back to my initial right leg), and some minor balance issues when walking or bending down. Sometimes I wonder if I’m not imagining these symptoms, at times, or if they can be explained by common colds or my medication. However, I know I’m not imaging the sheer terror these last two months have caused me. I will be indefatigably grateful for any feedback. Thank you!


Hi Dylan,

The symptoms you are experiencing could be caused by stress and/or medication; you mentioned  you experienced a "flare-up" when you were returning to school after the Christmas break which no doubt caused you some anxiety.      

I'm very happy you went to see a Neurologist and had an MRI.  Please keep in mind that MRI's are like taking a picture of your brain and the results are in black and white.  
I'm sure if your Neurologist had any concern that it was MS, he/she would have wanted to start you on some form of treatment.    

Worrying about this is not doing you any good!  If I were you, I would listen to your Neurologist and focus on your anxiety issue.

With that being said, if you continue to experience any unique symptoms, contact your Neurologist as soon as possible.

Good luck!

Kindest regards,


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Currently an Ambassador for the State of California with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Author for various M/S Foundation articles.

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