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Hi marlene, how are you?thanks for getting back. Ive been urinating all night. How do you control this?it drives me crazy and I lose sleep from it. Where do you live?im in san diego. Take care, martha

Hello Martha,

As I said earlier (in my last response to you), I don't have the problem of excessive urinating; however, I know it is not unusual for lots of people.  

I would avoid drinking anything a couple of hours before you go to bed.  When you do urinate, make sure your bladder is completely empty.  After sex, empty your bladder right away.  

Make an appointment with your Neurologist asap.  Tell him/her you want a medication that will help you with this issue.  I know there are several of them available with a Doctor's prescription.  

Also, avoid salty foods.  They make you retain water and then eventually urinate.  

I live in Sacramento, California.  

Take care of you!


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I was diagnosed with M/S in 2005. Since that time, I have read numerous books on all aspects of this disease/illness. I can give good advice on how to handle being diagnosed, the emotional effects this illness/disease has on a person, the ups & downs of this illness/disease and what to expect from family members and friends in regard to this illness/disease.


Diagnosed with M/S in 2005. Read numerous books on this illness/disease. Have attended many support group functions through the M/S Foundation. Currently an Ambassador for the State of California with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

Currently an Ambassador for the State of California with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Author for various M/S Foundation articles.

Various articles for the M/S Foundation.

AS Degree in Law Enforcement. Received a Certificate/Diploma from Heald Business College in 1978. High School Diploma in 1976.

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