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QUESTION: Hi marlene, its me martha again. I got my MRI results and they found a spot on t2 and hyperintes. It could be ms and im very scared. I still have numbing,tingling and frequently urinating. How long till I become paralyzed?I have a baby that depends on me. how can I slow this diseaase from progressing?how are you?my husband is so unsupportive it sucks.please get back to me. Thank you. I will rate you. Martha

ANSWER: Hello Martha,

First of all, get the "how long before I become paralyzed" out of your thoughts!  You don't know for sure that your symptoms and test results are proof you have M/S.  Wait until your doctor give you his/her diagnosis.  There isn't a law against getting a second opinion either.  In fact, I recommend it!   

However, if you do have M/S, get a good Neurologist ASAP.  You want to get on a treatment program right away.  If your Neurologist is a good one and knows about M/S (which he/she should); he/she should be able to recommend a treatment for you.  Don't wait until you are notified by your doctor about your test results either.  Call them!  Don't allow he/she not to take your calls.  Don't allow he/she to give you the run-around.  Remember it is your body, your health and your life.  You have every right to know exactly what you have.  Worry about yourself!  

As far as your husband goes, (I'm being brutally honest), don't expect a lot of people to be supportive and understand how you feel and what you are going through.  Unless a person has been in your shoes regarding M/S, they do not understand.  I have seen people completely ignore the fact that one of their loved ones has M/S because if they don't recognize it, they think it will go away.  

I went through a lot emotionally with my family and (so-called) friends when I was diagnosed back in 2006.  At first, they acted like they cared; however, after a couple of weeks, they lost interest.  Now my family acts like I'm bothering them to even talk about anything regarding M/S.  They don't understand my concern over falling, having to go to the bathroom all the time or why I don't want to participate in functions like I used too (camping, traveling, amusement parks).  I now walk with a cane as of two years ago, and they don't understand why I am not more appreciative of them helping me when I ask one of them to do something for me and why I am self-conscience about walking with a cane.  

I'm going to give you my home phone number.  If you need to talk, ask questions or feel nervous and/or scared, call me and we can talk!  You have a friend in me.  I understand what you are going through.  My home # is 916-735-7216.

Let me know when you find out anything!  


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QUESTION: Hi marlene, I was up all night urinating. Is there anything I could do to help it?its hard without no sleep and I have a baby to care for.thanks for writing back. I wish I was strong as you. Thank you so much, martha

Hello Martha,

Make sure you bring your urinating problem to your Doctor's attention and tell him/her you need something to take.  He/she will be able to prescribe a med to you for this issue.  (Personally, I haven't had this problem, but I know it is not unusual.)

As a suggestion, call your local pharmacy, tell them the problem you are experiencing.  There may be something you can purchase over the counter to help you until you are able to see your Doctor.  

Hang in there my friend!  If you need to talk, call me!  


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Diagnosed with M/S in 2005. Read numerous books on this illness/disease. Have attended many support group functions through the M/S Foundation. Currently an Ambassador for the State of California with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

Currently an Ambassador for the State of California with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Author for various M/S Foundation articles.

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