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I have been having those head pressure for a month or more with other symptoms like having a stroke or Tia's, I went to the doctors several times and the ER but they returned me back claiming normal and anxiety and ct scan was Normal  I Also had ten days ago ct scan with no contrast and also with contrast dye angiography of the brain, venogram and carotid with dye all came normal but I had an mri a week ago and got the results today and it was not normal, how can it be,  so I am very scared , I also have a left eye blurry vision a month ago called CSR condition

Here is the mri test no contrast , can anyone tell me what it means or advise me

Multiple Sagittarius t1/t2, coronal t2, and axial t1/t2/gre t2*flair images of the brain were obtained

There are few small non-specific white matter lesions of the cerebrum, the largest of which is a 1 cm lesion in the left frontal lobe laterally to the body of the lateral ventricle. A list of differential diagnosis for such white matter lesions is long but does include idiopathic demyelination such as multiple sclerosis. Other possibilities may include prior trauma,inflammatory processes, ischemia,etc.
The silicon,ventricles and cisterns of the brain are appropriate size for age. No mass or shift is seen.

Hello Mark,

Perhaps I'm not understanding your post; you have had several scans and they have came back normal; however, you had an MRI a week ago and you got the results today and it was not normal.  That doesn't make any sense to me.  First of all, your doctor keeps administering the same test even though the test results are the same?  You said your left eye is blurry; have you spoke to your doctor about this?  If your doctor continues to give you the same test and you keep getting the same results, you might talk to a different doctor.  You need to find out the cause for your blurry eye sight.  From what you are saying regarding the specifics of the silicone, ventricles and cisterns of your brain, they are appropriate for your age?  Your doctor has verified this with you?  If there is no mass or noticeable shift, I wouldn't worry about it.  
However, if you are concerned and/or scared, talk to your doctor and explain to him/her your feelings.  I am sure it will put him/her at ease knowing your feelings about all of this and the two of you will have a better understanding.   

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I was diagnosed with M/S in 2005. Since that time, I have read numerous books on all aspects of this disease/illness. I can give good advice on how to handle being diagnosed, the emotional effects this illness/disease has on a person, the ups & downs of this illness/disease and what to expect from family members and friends in regard to this illness/disease.


Diagnosed with M/S in 2005. Read numerous books on this illness/disease. Have attended many support group functions through the M/S Foundation. Currently an Ambassador for the State of California with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

Currently an Ambassador for the State of California with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Author for various M/S Foundation articles.

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