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How are you doing? Okay this is my story..About 2 years ago I bought the Reebok sneakers with the ball on either heel. Okay I wore them everywhere and all the time. I noticed that they hurt so much but with my stupidity I kept wearing them thinking "no pain no gain" I was working as a waitress and was having trouble so I bought inserts. The pain was severe so I finally stopped wearing them and dealt with the pain. Okay so everyday when I get out of bed it is quite a painful experience. I even fell in the shower. Okay about 4 moths ago while I was out walking I fell from not paying attention to the ground in front of me, and totally twisted my ankle. It was swollen I never went to the doctor because of course I can't afford it and I felt like if I just stay off it , it will heal. I learned my lesson and stopped wearing these sneakers all together. Okay My feet still bother me and give me pain. I self diagnosed myself with plantar fasciitis because all the symptoms were there. So for the past few months I have not worked. I rest my feet and yes they still hurt the more I walk the more they hurt, my ankle is still a little swollen, believe it. My partner says it could take a year or more to heal. Okay 3 days ago I felt okay and decided to move the furniture, Okay since then my feet/heel and now my leg are in pain,I was very very scared when I was having trouble lifting my one leg in a standing position. Example putting pants on or getting in or out of the tub. Do you think that could be just muscle weakness from my ankle and lower leg and heel. Maybe I just over did it. I do feel muscle pain as if you haven't exercised in a while. But it is very hard to walk. What do you think? Is a weak leg something that you have experienced? Is there something I could be doing? I have been starting to do leg exercises. I do stay home now so my activity levels have gone down because of the feet/heel pain. I am 5'3 and weight 135 Over weight but it is more or less normal for me I have been this weight for years. Walking is difficult but the pain was acceptable, now in the past 3 days I feel like my leg doesn't want to work. Can you give me your educated opinion and suggest anything, you have done maybe that might help me. I pray of course it's not MS and just chronic problems that keep degenerating. I do thank you for your time and for being so willing to help others with what you know. Thank you. Can't wait to hear from you. Doctor at this point is not something I can afford. No insurance. Thank You.

Hello Carol,

If you can't afford to go to the doctor, go to your local ER.  They have to treat you.  No one is supposed to be turned down in the ER because of no Insurance or mot having the money to pay.

You really need to get X-rays taken and go from there.  

Good luck!


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I was diagnosed with M/S in 2005. Since that time, I have read numerous books on all aspects of this disease/illness. I can give good advice on how to handle being diagnosed, the emotional effects this illness/disease has on a person, the ups & downs of this illness/disease and what to expect from family members and friends in regard to this illness/disease.


Diagnosed with M/S in 2005. Read numerous books on this illness/disease. Have attended many support group functions through the M/S Foundation. Currently an Ambassador for the State of California with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

Currently an Ambassador for the State of California with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Author for various M/S Foundation articles.

Various articles for the M/S Foundation.

AS Degree in Law Enforcement. Received a Certificate/Diploma from Heald Business College in 1978. High School Diploma in 1976.

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