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QUESTION: I have been having stroke like symptoms , numbness, extreme constant head pressure, tender head, ...etc for 6 months now

i went to the ER couple of times, had several ct brain scans with and without contrast and ct angiograph and also for the neck and it showed nothing

I had an mra and it was normal and i had mri with and without contrast and it showed non specific white matter lesions and
ovoid lesion within the left centrum semiovale

Could this mri finding be the cause of my extreme symptoms, and this ovoid lesion , what could have caused it from your experience

i do have recently left thigh cold sensation that comes and goes , but my vision motor skills are good , i do forget more than usual lately

Thank you

ANSWER: Hello Mark,

I'm so sorry you are going through this.  I know going through tests and having them come back showing nothing is extremely stressful and frustrating.  It is better to know what is going on so you can deal with it instead of not knowing anything at all.    

I am not a Doctor; however, you experiencing left thigh cold sensation that comes and goes and you being more forgetful than usual concerns me as I'm sure it does you.

I would make an appointment with a Neurologist and tell him/her the symptoms you are having.  Be completely honest about how you are feeling and the frustrations you are experiencing.  Tell him/her your concern about the possibility of you having Multiple Sclerosis and see what he/she has to say.  Until you see the Neurologist, I would take notes as to the day, time and the symptom you are feeling.  In addition, write down any question you have for the Neurologist.  
Mention the MRI you had taken and the forgetfulness you have been experiencing.
A Neurologist is more qualified than an ER Doctor to review your MRI, discuss your symptoms and run more tests if he/she feels they are necessary.  

Good Luck Mark!

Kindest regards,


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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: i saw one neurologist and he said he doubt it is ms and mentioned fibromalgia, which i doubt

i have no idea what else i can do

but do you think it is common for my symtpoms to be an MS case and this left thigh cold sensation and other scary symtpoms with head pressure

Hello Mark,

I would make an appointment with a Fibromyalgia Specialist and discuss this situation with him/her and tell him/her that you are concerned you may have Multiple Sclerosis.

As to your question; do I think your symptoms may be an M/S case?  I can't answer that.  Each person with Multiple Sclerosis has different symptoms; the beginning of their diagnosis, how well they react to treatment and how rapidly the disease progresses.  Each person's lesions are at different places on their brain, that is the reason why each person's Multiple Sclerosis case is different.  For example:  What might work great for me, may not work at all for someone else.  That is why it is so important to follow through with a Specialist (Fibromyalgia or Neurologist)and discuss this with them.  Do not take "NO" for an answer.  Tell them how scared, confused and frustrated you are and you want some answers!  Be firm if necessary.  After all Mark, it is your health and your life!

Kindest regards,


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