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hi Dave

i have some issues, i was assigned to renegotiate the contract with our service provider for our Air compressor (Ingersoll Rand), but my question is, how often do you really need to change the Oil Filter and Aire Filter, Hoses, valves and all the spare parts?, without putting the production on jeopardy! lets say maybe every 6 months, 12 months, 3 months? please help :(

thank you

The only one that can tell you is the manufacturer. Just like buying a car. The compressor I use has an hour meter on it. There are guidelines set by the manufactured to be done at certain intervals. I my case its not months or years, but how many hours. We check our oil level daily.
Air filter, dryer and oil separator at least weekly. These are simple things to do and we depend
on having CLEAN air everyday.
We use air to run our CNC equipment and to test product. So we depend on having air everyday.
If my compressor goes down my company goes down.
It seems like a waste of time, but unless you can afford to be without air or have a backup plan
do what the service provider recommends. They are the ones that know the product.

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